Why Kubik?

KUBIK today has become synonymous with Demountable Glass Partitions. The reasons are Loud & Simple.


For KUBIKIANS servicing the customer is a unique blend of “PROFESSION with PASSION”.

“It’s not merely a business transaction, but a passion to serve our industry with the best products and intentions, ensuring the smile on our customer’s face that makes us stand apart in the crowd.”


  • Kubik revolutionized the way Projects were handled.
  • With a ready stock in our 1.5 lac square feet warehouse we deliver the fastest for any project.
  • We Deliver in days, not in weeks!
  • The ready stock allows our clients to make last minute changes in design without worrying about the lead time. We support your creativity!


  • Our Pan India presence with offices in all key locations ensures our reach is widest.
  • Our execution team, both on board and under contract form the largest team of installers in the country.
  • A unique mix of “Youth and Experience” makes our team the best in its segment.
  • With a total strength of 148 people we are one of the largest employers in our field.


  • Kubik has a widest range of products that caters to ALL & SUNDRY.
  • Our in-house design team makes it possible for us to cater to almost any design and finish need as may be required.
  • The founders come from a very strong background of hardware industry.
  • Our products are innovative and compatible to almost all the dependent accessories.


  • Kubik values your trust and the money that you put in our products to ensure that you get the best of products in most competitive price.
  • We always make it a win-win.
  • The long list of satisfied and repeat customers are a witness to this.