Silent Box

  • SB-120


SB 120 – 1 Person can make a call work privately without disturbing or being disturbed.

The Silent Box is an ideal solution for a person(s) to make private calls, brainstorming in a relaxing environment away from the office chaos or disturbing anyone around.

There is dual glaze 6 mm glass on the glass side which contributes to the total acoustic insulation and provides a see-through from the inside of the room.

The Silent Box comes with a recyclable tabletop, available in two finishes, rigidly supported to the frame and can take up load up to 10kgs.

The seating arrangements in the Silent Box can be changed or customised as desired for more comfort and functionality.

The arrangements shown in the image is for representational purpose only and may vary as per the design and requirement.

  • Ventilation
    There are two high-quality Rexnord compact fans in the silent box. They work as the inlet and the outlet fans, emanating negligible sound while maintaining the cool freshness and providing perfect ventilation inside the cabin. The fan airflow is a good 106 CFM (Cubic Flow Per Metre ) which preserves the freshness inside.
  • Vision
    The ceiling light, available in two shades of Pure White and Sunshine Yellow, offers a clean and clear vision, with minimal electricity consumption.
    The light is available in square shape and can be easily removed from the electrical assembly for any repairs or replacement.
    The size of the light is standard, which comes with 2 years warranty; the lifetime is 50,000 hrs.
  • Power Supply
    The switch box comes with an insulated layer behind the switches for safety and to prevent it from any accidental short circuits. The switch box has a great aesthetic look and can be easily installed.
    The switch box comprises of a universal switch supporting 240 V appliances and a Universal Serial Bus ( USB ) with a LED indicator, a 2 line jack RJ 11 with PCB, an EDP socket-outlet – RJ 45 ( Cat 6 ).
    The USB ports in the switch box can be used for charging electronic appliances. The LED illuminates a blue light to indicate when a device is connected and a switch to ON/OFF USB port.
  • Silent Box