Silent Box

  • SB-250


The SB-250 has an overall dimension of 2500 x 2500 x 2100mm where 4-5 people can accommodate comfortably for meeting session.

The meeting space 250 is an ideal solution for meeting, casual conversations brainstorming and can comfortably accommodate up to 4 to 5 people.

There is dual glaze 6 mm glass on the glass side which contributes to the total acoustic insulation and provides a see-through from the inside of the room.

The meeting room comes with a recyclable table top available in two finishes ( Standard white and Maple finish) with strong aluminum legs provided at the corners to provide strength and can take up to 30 kg of load.

The seating arrangements in the meeting room can be changed as desired, and for any further inquiries, please contact our design team.

The arrangements and chairs shown in the image are for representation purpose only and may vary in real site. The chairs are not provided with the meeting room.

  • Ventilation
    The meeting room SB 250 comprises comes with an inline ACDUCT fan of size 6 inch with 350 CFM. When operated at full speed, this fan generates only 35 dBa of noise, which is as quiet as ambient noise in a suburban home or less than half of the volume of a regular tone conversation, the power output of the fan is 30 W.
  • There is a DC Motor with PWM control for quiet and energy-efficient performance; the fan features a mixed flow design which helps to maintain peak performance in high static pressure environments. Since the static pressure is high inside the meeting room, the fan will operate at peak performance level.
  • The fan is not waterproof and should not come in contact with the water spill. The fan comes with a 2-year warranty. The fan weighs 3.8 pounds only.


  • The meeting room has four long LED lights placed at the four sides of the ac duct, which has a benefit of illuminating the light at the centre of the table for a better vision.
  • The led light is of 8 W, and the lifetime usage is 50000 hrs and can be easily mantled and dismantled from the assembly. The LED used are manufactured by one of the best-LED manufacturers of India. The LED is always protected by an adapter which protects the light from an interruption in the power supply.

Seating Arrangements

  • The Table made is of a superior quality birch wood which has a long-lasting life and is free from any wear under usage over the years. The finishing of the table can be chosen from 3 different wooden shades. The table is supported by the aluminum legs, which has adequate strength and is lightweight to keep and withstand the weight of the tabletop. The portions are provided with a finish that resists any scratches.

Power Supply

  • The switch box has an HDMI input additionally which can be used to plug in television or an output device for a conference or meetings.
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