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  • Qontrac Series

Qontrac Series

Minimalist is the word for QONTRAC series from KUBIKL. This series comes with SS make 304 grade along with 12 mm and 18 mm high pressure laminate sheet allowing restroom space a neat and clean look. SS brush finish top rail gives you stability and durability at an economical and competitive price in market for usage at Airports, Commercial complexes, clubs, Auditoriums, Gyms, IT sectors and much more, think project cubicles – go QONTRAC series KUBIKL.

The Structure
  • The adjustable legs (SS grade 316) for QONTRAC series are anchored on the floor so that middle and end pilaster can be fixed upon them.
  • The base of leg is anchored to the floor with Nylon plugs that are inserted into ground with SS screws.
  • The top of pilasters is supported by SS Clamp connected to top rail for sturdiness and looks.
  • The adjustable legs allow floor clearance of 150mm
  • Satin Stainless-Steel finish with Grade 304 top rail is fixed to maintain alignment of pilasters.
  • Intermediate panels (Partitions) are fixed to rear wall and mid-pilaster through Satin SS 304 grade U channels.
  • Maintaining the floor clearance of 150mm, each door is mounted on mid/end pilaster with respective number of hinges.
  • Every door system has one coat hook and door knob axed.
  • Each mid/end pilaster coming at free end of the door is furnished with one privacy thump-turn and one door stopper channel to reduce the noise.
  • Door opening can be set either from inside or outside and could be fixed on left or right side.


Special features
  • Adjustable Satin finish Stainless-steel legs with grade 316.
  • Satin finish Stainless-steel top rail arrangement for better stability, economy and aesthetics.
  • SS accessories (hinges, coat hook, adjustable foot, top clamp, lock set indicator etc.).
  • SS accessories available in Satin brush finish.
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