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  • P​iramal ​Agastya

​​P​iramal ​Agastya

Piramal Agastya is a well-known brand in the field of Realty, came up with an office space of around 3,00,000 sqft in Mumbai.

Their expectations for their new office were very bold in terms of technology, look and modern architecture. The interior designed was such that it had maximum exposure to natural light, and at the same time the interior designed was prominently visible to the eye. The site demanded extra exposure to natural light in the working space, provided slight transparency, and had bold aesthetic looks.
Considering the Architectural design we had to offer Demountable Glass Partition Systems that adhered to all their design and functional parameters.


Kubik has multiple products in glass partition systems. But popular products like Ultraline, Dotline, or Kwentha were not recommended as the sections were slim in design, whereas the requirement was for a wide design system.


After a though survey and research KUBIK designed a profile called ‘Ecoline’. This Product having 100 mm wide profile was very much apt for the look and feel required for this site.
Kubik recommended Ecoline 100 as the product delivered:
– A unique space that allowed a lot of light that worked as a natural energy booster for the employees.
– A space that did not look like an office space, and visually promoted a new way of working in the city.


Handle, hardware were made of copper finish with offset pivot hinges.

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