Case Studies

  • Novartis


Novartis, one of the largest pharmaceutical company set up a new office in BKC, Mumbai. They have a very open, innovative, motivating and diverse culture in the organization and it reflected in the office interior design. Kubik had to ensure that the new office was acoustically treated and at the same time reflected the open culture. The site was about 1,50,000 sft. We had to develop a product that matched the functional as well as the design requirement.


Sound transmission class was the criteria to be fulfilled for this site. We had to achieve the optimum decibel levels (dB) in all the cabins build in the office. After conducting a survey of the site and the environment outside the office area, we found a lot of noise creating elements which was an added challenge. To achieve the unique acoustic balance, unique craftsmanship was required in developing the system, accessories and hardware. We realised that Kubik’s popular single glass partition systems will not suffice the work.

Kubik’s product basket comprises of profiles designed for single, double, centre offset glass partition, but for this all the above was not suitable.
Kubik has its own research and design department. Kubik designed and developed a new system.


The solution for this project was Kwentha 54. This system is a double glaze system with the sleekest design available in the market. This series was developed keeping the acoustic requirement in mind. The dB levels achieved by this system, with the other sound absorbing materials like carpet and acoustic panels delivered the required acoustic functionality with the open design look.

  • Case Studies