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  • Kidpro Series

Kidpro Series

If you wish to benefit from attributes such as unmatched aesthetic beauty and customization, easy installation, top-notch functionality and enduring quality, step into the world of KUBIKL KIDPRO series toilet cubicle partitions in India.\

The Structure
  • Shoe Box are provided in KIDOZ – KIDPRO series for anchoring in bottom so that mid/end pilasters could be fixed on them.
  • The base of the SHOE BOX is anchored in floor with nylon plugs that are inserted onto ground with SS screws along with MS-L bracket.
  • Top rail is provided for fix pilasters for better strength and aesthetic view.
  • The legs provide floor clearance 100 mm.
  • Intermediate panels (Partitions) are fixed to rear wall and mid pilaster with rebate on laminate and ironmongery U channel from KUBIKL brand.
  • Each door has one hook and door knob.
  • Door is mounted with respective SS hinges adjoining to mid pilaster for support and durability.
  • Door opening can be both ways inside as well as outside depending upon requirement from client perspective.
  • Each KUBIKL laminates has variety of available shades and design in inventory for immediate installation and quick timeline for execution.
Special features
  • KIDPRO series cubicles come in ingenious designs synonymous with childhood in vibrant laminate colours. The overall vibrancy of these cubicles lends a sense of warmth and informality to the restrooms.
  • The laminates used in these cubicles’ restrooms have high life expectancy and are exclusively designed for tough conditions and high-traffic environments of children schools i.e. nursery schools, play schools or kindergarten schools.
  • KUBIKL laminates are waterproof, tamper proof and anti-peeling and come with anti-finger trap special hinges etc.

The combination of these features makes these cubicles ideal for kids’ washrooms, toilets and restrooms.

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