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  • Invenico Series

Invenico Series

Making your restroom into a glamour room by adding INVENICO Series, KUBIKL presents you a newly assortment of restroom cubicles. Designed under blueprints of aesthetics, this ceiling hung series has been designed to enhance the beauty of washrooms, considering usage of desirable space, it’s unique shape and profile provide ample space to wipe the floors easily without any hassles, it’s exclusive hardware matches to your restroom and enriches your creations, contemporary yet evergreen classic.


The Structure:

  • SS Shoe box (grade 316) provided for INVENICO series are anchored on the top so that middle and end pilaster can be fixed upon them.
  • The pilaster is supported by L bracket side anchor bolt keeping clear view in bottom maintaining 100 mm.
  • Intermediate panels (Partitions) are fixed to rear wall and mid-pilaster through Satin SS 304 grade SS U channels.
  • Maintaining the floor clearance of 100 mm, each door is mounted on mid/end pilaster with respective number of hinges.
  • Every door system has one coat hook and door knob axed.
  • Each mid/end pilaster coming at free end of the door is furnished with one privacy thump-turn and one door stopper channel to reduce the noise.
  • Door opening can be set either from inside or outside and could be fixed on left or right side.


Special features:

  • 18 mm thick compact board makes the entire setup sturdier and cleaner.
  • SS shoe box up arrangement at top enhances the overall beauty of the restroom area.
  • SS accessories (hinges, coat hook, adjustable foot, top clamp, lock set indicator etc.).

SS accessories available in Satin brush finish.

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