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At Kubik you will always find a variety of options for wooden/solid door ironmongery, which
enhances and creates a safe environment for clients and staff, whilst ensuring that premises
remain comprehensive and easy to use during easy traffic zones.
Kubik’s solid door hinges are of top-notch quality with the latest mechanism and corrosion
proof metal SUS 304 grade quality, its design gives an extra edge against regular fittings.
Hinges from Kubik are for commercial and industrial applications. Kubik provides you with the
product in short lead times, competitive pricing and no minimum order quantity.

Flush hinges

Kubik Concealed hinges are used instead of regular bearing hinges to provide aesthetic
looks as well as it hides te hinges which are bulky and quite regular in design nowadays,
Stile door or wooden flush door offers aesthetic continuity and fluidity with their invisible
hinges and conceal door closer, Top and Bottom offset pivot hinges also can be used or
creating a niche effect and providing sturdiness on doors. This endless variety of
possibilities by kubik promotes space planning concepts.

Glass hinges

Kubik’s Glass door ironmongery collection ranges from contemporary to classic in order to
cater for bespoke architectural specifications. Studio Mortise handle with lock options
creates a perfect solution for acoustic features along with glass drop down seal and rebate
doors complimenting each other.

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