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  • Fixine Urinal Divider

Fixine Urinal Divider

Fixine divider panels comes in vibrant colour and patterns made with superior grade 12mm compact laminate that comes with the seal of Anti-bacterial and Anti-Fungi protection. Aside from hygiene, privacy plays important role. Crafted with single undivided piece chamfered edges, these dividers panels give your restroom space a neat and clean look, keeping attuned to the layout of the room and cubicles. Proposed application areas are commercial, restaurants, hotels, healthcare, stadiums, recreation clubs, auditoriums, educational institutes, R&D centers and IT Sectors.

The Structure
  • Each KUBIKL FIXINE divider panel is equipped with SS ‘L’ clamp that attaches the divider to wall.
  • SUS-304 grade screws are used for fixing the divider panel to the wall.
  • The partition panels used for divider is 12 mm thick compact laminate.
  • As per norms and standard the gap of the divider from ground should be 500 mm – 600 mm.
Special features
  • Doors made up of 12 mm thick KUBIKL laminate
  • Accessories available in SS Satin finish with SUS 304 grade
  • Faster installation, Maintenance friendly.

Proposed Application centers: Shopping malls, Commercial complex, Restaurants, Hotels, Hospitals, Clinic, Stadiums, Sports clubs, Gym Spa, Club houses, School, Colleges, Universities, R&D centers, IT sectors, Auditorium and many more.

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