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  • Finesse 100

Finesse 100

The Finesse Demountable partition provides excellent acoustic values. It is based on a 100mm thick solid as well as glass partition system with selection of door frames.

  • Demountable glass partition,100mm thick
  • Maximum height : 3000mm (depending on elevations), 
  • For bigger heights, reinforcement of the structure required.
  • Aluminium profiles : Silver/Black anodized or RAL powder-coated.
  • Any configuration possible : Full height, Segmented, Segmented at door height, multi-transoms, etc.
  • Cove visibility of 25mm on top and bottom.
  • Glazing seal (Gasket) available : Black & White.
  • Glass of 5 or 6mm can be used according to the requirement.
Hinged doors

– laminated wooden door.
– Aluminium-framed glass door, single or double glass.

Options and accessories

– Blinds with horizontal or vertical slats.
– Integration of light switches into the door jamb.
– Automatic drop seal for wood, aluminium-framed and glass doors.
– Concealed door closer.


– Glass wall : STC = from 38 to 44 dB.
– Door set : STC = from 34 to 38 dB.

Size Limits

Designed for installation in areas up to nominal vertical panel size of
3000mm x 1200mm.


All exposed Aluminium sections are Anodized Aluminium finish with 6463 T6 Grade.

Assembly Characteristics

Glazed panels are hung onto a site installed framework of recessed head, side walls and base channels, studs and transoms. Base tracks have a snap in profile for better installation of glass into section using beads made of silicone gel material and choice of junctions available. Assembly jig supplied ensures the speed and accuracy of the installation and correct alignments of panel. All panels can be removed independently of each other allowing replacement or variation at any time after initial installation.

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