Kubik Office Partitions

  • Etaline 80

Etaline 80

The ETALINE 80 demountable office partition provides excellent acoustic values, incorporating the aesthetic values of a slim drywall partitioning with glass panel construction, Slimmest of all available section in today’s partition industry.

  • Standard track section : 80mm x 18mm, 80mm x 36mm.
  • Slim in design, the standard partition suite can be used with any stud thickness.
  • Suitable for 10mm / 12mm toughened glass as well as Laminated glass ranging from 10 to 12mm.
  • Single door frame sizes to allow for 35mm to 45mm doors.
  • Partition height can be offered upto 3000mm.
  • Single glazed systems / Brooklyn series.
  • Sound insulation capacity of 30 – 33 dB.
Door Options

Frameless glass, Stile glaze door, Timber or Sliding door system.

Solid doors

Flush doors can be of 45mm solid core in choice of veneers or laminate.

Door frames

Aluminium full height up-to 3000mm, Doors are mounted on the either hinges, pivots or sliding tracks. A range of Ironmongery can be supplied and incorporated with Dot line series

Size Limits

Kubik is designed for installation in areas up to nominal vertical panel size of 3000mm x 1200mm.


All exposed Aluminium sections are Anodized Aluminium finish with 6463 T6 Grade.

Panel Finish

Laminate, Melamine, Whiteboard, Veneer, Vinyl, Powder Coated Steel And Pinnable Fabric. These Finishes Can Be Applied In Any Combination.

Assembly Characteristics

Glazed panels are hung onto a site installed framework of recessed head, side walls and base channels, studs and transoms. Base tracks have a snap in profile for better installation of glass into section using beads made of silicone gel material and choice of junctions available. Assembly jig supplied ensures the speed and accuracy of the installation and correct alignments of panel. All panels can be removed independently of each other allowing replacement or variation at any time after initial installation

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